Friday, April 30, 2010

Six Mile Last Weekend

We Alaskans are blessed in so many ways. As packrafters we enjoy the company of a handful of really good kayakers who are willing to join us for silliness, like running Six Mile last weekend. Boy, was it fun. Most impressive was David, in a yellow boat with thigh straps. It was his first time in whitewater of any kind and he ran both the second and third canyons in style.

Luc Mehl was along and did a cold water roll on his first try after flipping while surfing. Paul Schauer and Tim Johnson and another kayaker, Steve, who was cruising the Hope Cut-off looking for boaters (like us) to join, offer so much cool confidence and security that it was great to have them along.

The water looks to be up this weekend, so maybe we'll be heading continue testing out the new Witchcraft, which I am happy to report is about 50% easier to roll than a standard Alpacka due to its smaller diameter tubes and apparent narrower width.

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