Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alpacka WitchCraft

Seen this yet?

Looks pretty cool but also looks sort of ....

In a word, hmmm....

The x-across the top of the legs looks more binding than what I'm using now....but that's the key word -- "LOOKS".

What do you think, besides that Andy Skurka is a stud?


  1. Exactely my thoughts, where is the entrapment issue solved? No armchair coment, courious what folks will say using it. Love to test it too.

  2. I'm surprised you think Skurka's a stud. Yeah, it's a long trip over some rugged country. But he's either linking well worn paths (Iditarod, Yukon River, Chilkoot Pass, Yukon, Dempster-Brooks portage) that many, many people have already done OR he's repeating known-possible adventures (your Alaska Range bike traverse, Ground Truth Trekking and Epic Eric's Lost Coast traverse, your NW AK unsupported expedition). Plus, he's doing it in the "easiest" Alaska seasons, supported. Seems like what Curiak just did is much more impressive just based on the season. Who cares?

    Mike, Fairbanks

  3. Mike, My comment about Skurka concerns his speed on metal edged skiis and telly boots. I agree he's not covering any new ground. But what he is doing is doing the distance of HignErin, with the speed of a typical Wilderness Classic racer.

    I agree that biking across wildness is far more skill-demanding than walking. Nearly anybody can walk nearly anywhere. Curiak's trip and the Epic eric and dylan trip are to my mind the wildest trips in a while, but the scope and magnitude of HignErin and Skurka -- the sheer months involved -- make the foot trips respectable. And add the speed in to Skurka makes it impressive to me. I guess I wonder if I could keep up with him.

    I am also impressed that Skurka has made the break from his previous trailed-travels and is moving into adventure, not just, and I hate this word, backpacking.

    (and thanks for the kind comments wrt my more youthful adventures.)


    Yes we need to get some side by side comparisons going in real water.

  4. The only thing I see being a big potential issue is only being able to escape from one side of the boat since only 1 side releases. Looks like there is more of a chance getting stuck in these than normal thigh straps. Definitely a different and cool idea though, but I can't say anymore until I try it.

  5. The shape looks great. Pointy bow and long in the stern. I'd like the boat to put in my own thigh straps. It looks really nice and tough and like it will punch holes and not get bandersnatched.

    Maybe we can take up a collection, here in AK, and buy one to test out.

  6. It looks interesting, the shape is nice, the x cross looks like it could trap you inside, but no idea on how easy it would be to get out of it. All in all a good step to pursue the WW niche!


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