Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Packrafting Video of the Year: Luc's edit of Paul on Bird

Luc Mehl's latest and best creation highlights his skills as cameraman/editor, Paul Schauer's as superb boatman, and the Alpacka packraft as a forgiving, fun craft:

Paul's season highlights is also so well crafted that I'd like to take up hardshelling, too:


  1. Honestly I don't think that Luc's video would have been possible in any other water craft. A kayak would have got slammed around and I would have worried about getting broached or pinned. The forgiving nature of the 2011 Llama totally made everything possible. In the packraft I could float more (and higher in the water) and bounce off things rather than get slammed around. Plus there is no way you could get the helium in a kayak (the seal isn't tight enough with the spray skirt). You also need the extra volume in the 2011 packrafts for the helium; there just isn't enough volume in the older models to help get you upstream.

  2. enough of this chemistry, let's go boating. haha.


  3. Yeah, at the end of the session Paul said something like, "I guess there are some things a packraft can do that the hardshell can't." I'm pretty sure he was referring to the skirt seal that Pablo mentions.


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