Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whitewater Junkies

"Ironically as they paddle more and more whitewater, their reward circuitry (for dopamine) dulls, which makes the easier runs less satisfying and drives them to still harder runs and bigger drops to compensate.They are essentially chasing the high of earlier, heavenly thrills on easier water. This is precisely what we see with chronic alcohol or substance abuse."

Yea? Well, adrenaline is a substance and I'd call this "hormone abuse".


  1. Can you go cold turkey on this addiction and so come back "clean" meaning that once more you would find Grade 1 to be exciting?

  2. When you go cold turkey and sample the goods again -- well, you pretty much fall off the wagon.

    However, the easy stuff can be made interesting by running cold water (like Iceland) in rain gear instead of a dry suit. Or by strapping a bike on your boat or putting a family member in your bow.

    But most folks won't think that sounds like much fun at all....and will be back in the white, green and steep wearing a drysuit and elbow pads.

  3. I used to do a little, but a little was a little, so now I do a little more.

  4. I used to do alittle, but the little would'nt do it, so the little got more and more.


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