Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thigh straps and rolling continued.

First off, they are rolling their packrafts in Europe!

Secondly, Alpacka's Sheri Tingey says in the Alpacka Forum to make sure you use Urethane-based D-ring patches.

Third, Luc Mehl has now got his roll at about 90-95%. His friend Dmitry was near 100% last week. I lag at a solid 50%, but managed several easily with 10 pounds in my boat: 5 pounds between my knees and lashed to the floor and 5 pounds behind my back in place of a backrest, again using the 15 L WXTex dry bags and accessory lash straps.

Also over at in the packrafting forum is a good post by Richard Nisley on lightweight dry bottoms and top for cold weather packrafting instead of a full-on dry suit.


  1. ...and getting routined in Europe:

    Take also into account latest comments on Romans previous blog entry.

  2. Cool Esben!

    Would like to see some images of your latest thigh strap placements.

    My left thigh strap falls off my leg while hanging underwater sometimes and I have to put it on. Also at the foot end, does your foot tocuh the end of your boat?

  3. Hello Roman! I'm loving your blog! Great info to get me pumped for a summer of packrafting (once I get a raft, that is!)

    Hey I have a few questions for you. What is a good email contact?

    Clint Helander


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