Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grand Canyon

Running the "Ditch" represents one of the great backcountry/wilderness experiences of the world.

While most people run it in the comfort of big rafts, several pairs of shoes, tables, and chairs, there is now another way: packrafts.

While this may not bring us back to the level of adventure that J. W. Powell experienced, it may be the closest other than running it one-armed.

Last year my son C. Roman, Gordy Vernon, and I managed to get a permit from the NPS to run it by hiking down Hermit and running the rapids to Havasu. It took about a week and while we missed some other big rapids both upstream (Granite etc) and down (Lava), we were plenty satiated with adventure by the time we took out.

The permit was not easy to get! We benefited from the help of Glenn "LB" Rink and others of Flagstaff and around the SW in getting the NPS to let us put in somewhere other than Lee's Ferry and take out somewhere other than Diamond Creek and run it in our 5 pound Alpackas.

We did it before I'd figured out how to shoot video on the Optio W60 but here's a slide show:


  1. Trying to think of some words that do that justice. Epic, amazing all come to mind. Thanks as well for sharing it. It looks an amazing place to visit, let alone experience it as you did.

  2. Having followed the interesting permitting process you spoke of in the past it's nice to see the results. What a great opportunity.

    A friend of mine from here in Bozeman is on the river with her family, having waited over ten years for a permit.

  3. That's a legendary trip. One I hope to emulate (at least in part) some day.

    And on a different note, your musical tastes continue to be infinitely hipper than mine. ;)

  4. Dave,

    The music was for my son, who introduced me to the Kills. Generally I make these things with participants in mind. The Classic vid music was Forrest's choice.

    But of course I liked it, too.


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