Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Comstock Stories

While in the Gates of the Arctic recently, my companions rquested I tell Chuck Comstock stories and Michael Brown shot video during a couple of them. Peggy says I do a better job when I am not being recorded...but in any event here's one about ice climbing in the Wrangells in 1987

and another about Chuck during the Wilderness Classic Nabesna to McCarthy in 1988 and 1989:


  1. I seem to recall he went into some sort of Insulin coma or some such while hunkered down with the kite...
    Priceless stuff Roman, what was it that Chuck had, that combo of a Drawl and a Twang. A Trawl, a Dwang? Hard to imitate it at any rate.

  2. Yes, a dwang. Hard to get it right in the re-telling, but important to capture his essence.

  3. Really fun to hear about your friend. Thanks for posting these simple, but very cool, vids.


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