Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vids of the Month

Yes it's time for the best packrafting vids of the month, this month being now and the best vids being these three:

Ganey's greatest hits from a Vermont Autumn mostly:

Forrest's cool Ski Raftineering trip in Wyoming with his wife Amy and the guy with really wild hair:

And this! A new raft design from Alpacka -- the WitchCraft (which craft?) -- being rolled without thighstraps:

Here's what Sheri of Alpacka Raft has to say about this new amazing boat:

"I have 3 of these in testing at the moment. After two salt trips this next week I suspect we will be ready to say "go for it". The suspension system is actually from above and is very firm. It has more grip and leverage on the thighs than the thigh straps do and there does not seem to be any entanglement issues with it. When the deck is pulled the system comes loose with the deck. I won't go into any more detail on that at the moment til the two Salt trips are completed and I am sure I am satisfied. That said, at this point it is looking really good. The stern on this boat has been elongated even further, another four inches, and the bow tubes are quite a bit smaller. The end result is the boat is trim with a person in it with no added weight. This boat is not intended to carry big loads, that is what the regular Alpacas are for. This boat is really designed to be trim and balanced in the water with just a person. This boat is being made with all floor fabric and a very beefed up deck that is actually glued on like the floor. Everything about this boat is aimed at being a more aggressive whitewater capability item. The weight looks like it will be around 8.5 lbs. So this isn't the long distance trip boat, it is meant to be the more day hike/trip front country mud truck white water oriented beast."

Can't wait to get my butt in that boat!


  1. Nice vids! Looks like they are getting after it in Vermont. With three weeks until the Grand Canyon and the release of a whitewater packraft I am getting really excited about the boating season. But then again there is a lot of snow left to be had.

  2. You are going to the Grand! That's awesome Paul! maybe you can test the new boat for them there?

    Here's Shoutdiggity's video of the new boat:

    Maybe like the seat could be centered a bit more, but looks really cool.


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