Sunday, March 21, 2010

Packrafting with Peggy: Around the World

Last year about this time Peggy and I were in Australia on our 'round the world trip, cooking our brains in the Wet Season heat of Kakadu and the Bungle Bungles.

We also packrafted in Patagonia, NZ, and Borneo, but by the time we reached Africa, there was no place safe and wet for rafting so we just watched animals in Kruger and hiked in the Drakensberg, a place that Thai Verzone had highly recommended we visit -- and it was awesome.

Here's a video of our memories from that time, watching wildlife, walking and rafting. More fun than grading papers.....


  1. That was great. I got the wife to watch it as well. She said "Wow" It has the wow factor.

  2. Thanks Martin. Even my daughter will watch that one....She gave me the music so it's got that attraction.

  3. The Drakensberg is a great place for wildlife and natural attractions. The flowing water is so beautiful and fascinating. The wildlife adventure in Africa is lovely and amazing.

  4. That was fun, interesting and amazing. Wow!


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