Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Videos in no particular order

This is my favorite -- Devin Littlefield, an Alaska Pacific University (APU) student made it about the APU class "Swiftwater boating" taught by Paul Twardock with help from Timmy J, Jason Geck and me one day on Granite Creek.

I love the music and the editing.

Next up is Paul Schauer's run down the Tsaina, near Valdez. Paul's been cranking out the videos, but this one's my favorite of the last few he's done. Plus, it features Matt Peters and Jeff Shelton (among others), two super Alaska homegrown boaters who are also super people.

And then there is Luc's latest, and it's so good I am going to have to work extra hard and steal some of his musical ideas for my next one. It's a great trip report that would have been a contender in Dave Chenault's contest over at Bedrock and Paradox.


  1. For me Luc Mehl is pushing the trip report videos to new hight's. Also the Landscap of Alaska does make for rather amazing videos. As always thanks for finding those.

  2. Ha! Any trip with a camera focussed on Paige looks like a good trip. I had an unfair advantage.

  3. Fun report with a terrific sound track.
    ..and 3 modes of travel too. :)

    The land forms out your way are spectacular!

    Nice one.

  4. Hey Roman Great videos!
    Just wondering if you know what the story is with the large blue raft they come across at the end of the Tsaina River video?

  5. They found the owner, amazingly enough, and returned it.


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