Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Luc Mehl's Video of AK Pen trip

Too good not to post here, too:

Unfortunately Luc and I didn't travel much together. And from this it looks like he had a great time with the B Team.

His videos are soooo good. They keep me motivated to keep coming up with new tricks. I want his camera, but will have to wait a couple years before moving upward to Canon from Panasonic.

I wish I had the band width to listen to Pandora, too, and maybe get a jump on his cool music!


  1. Yeah, awesome vids of the trip. I'll take the snakes in Oz over the bears up there any day!

  2. Snakes, yea, crocs -- no way!

    Bears we can bluff, crocs are too cold-hearted and calculating to fool into thinking you can beat em.

  3. thats joy right there, thanks for posting


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