Thursday, June 9, 2011

Every Poet is a Thief

Yesterday was sweet.

I joined JT, Luc, Brad, and Ben on Little Susitna at about 450 cfs.

I had my new 2011 Alpacka Llama with custom skirt and thigh straps, a new Werner Powerhouse one-piece carbon paddle (197 cm -- a bit longer than my 194 and mo betta).

And my two new cameras.

One's a Go-Pro and after seeing a CarpeyBiggs and a Ben Brown kayak video, each with Go Pro on the bow, I had to try it.

Feels a bit narcissistic, but if I put it on Timmy J's or P. Schauer's boat it'lll look super cool.


  1. We'll have to get the whole film crew out there. The two of us with our GoPros, you with your GH1 and Luc with his 7D. Could be epic. We would need a true first descent for that!

  2. Yes, a first descent would be ideal. But we could practice on the close at hand like Upper Bird and Ingram :)

  3. Thanks MC, the Go pro on the front is versatile.

  4. Really nice video. I'm surprised by how stable the camera is. What do you use to attach the GoPro to your raft? Would something like GoPro's Suction Cup Mount damage the raft's tube?

  5. yahtzee! good stuff. love the gopro setup. but i'll be really impressed when you can find a way to mount it behind you looking forward... :) we've tried a handful of ways, but nothing works really well.

  6. OK CarpeyBiggs, you have challenged me to come up with a way.

  7. @Anon: I used a GorillaPod and lashed it to my front. I didn't want to use the suction cup....too permanent-ish?

  8. Please can I come!?

    I can't bring any paddling talent, but I do have a packraft and a nice camera!

  9. Al, surely there is a boat and bike trip in our future?


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