Sunday, May 1, 2011

A moment I have been waiting for

Mike Curiak has a packraft.

Curiak is someone whose biking is inextricably linked to water.

I know of him best as a snowbike expeditioneer, having likely made more trips (maybe a dozen?) from Anchorage to Nome on the Iditarod trail than anyone else without a snowmachine or dog team. He's also into riding chunk in the desert SW (water and deserts are linked by definition).

So now he has a packraft, the 2011 model, which is the dream boat come true. The big boat that can do it all: flatwater and whitewater, big loads and no loads.

I smell an epic adventure in the works.

That is, maybe Mike will come up for the other soft substrate fatbiking: big beaches and icy bays.

1 comment:

  1. If you need an Englishman to join in just give me a shout! I'm looking for a two-month packraft expedition next spring / summer...


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