Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Break?

Wish I could justify this trip over the coming Spring Break (instead of the 2012 one):

It's Ganey's Part I Instant Grand Canyon Classic. The Canyoneering start, the big inner gorge rapids, and the meal at Phantom Ranch just sort of high-grades the place.

That's enough for me. Wonder if it could be done on a Backcountry Permit?

And this by Tyler Johnson. He went down on a full raft trip and used packrafts as sattelite boats which is pretty common nowadays, I guess.

And our "old" one, which was also self supported. I think a week in the GC with a packraft is satisfying the way a Wilderness Classic in 4 days is. It's a satiating, full-body adventure:


  1. All great to watch. Top one and its part two are stunning. Amazed at the size of the rapids. Packrafts video reports are so good to watch. Thanks for that collection to watch.

  2. FYI:
    To my knowledge packrafting in GC is permitted, but there is some bullshit "4mi or less" rule. typical. Hope you are well, Garro.


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