Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some links worth checking

Feathercraft's packraft looks like the old Sherpa Packraft on steroids (to be fair the Alpacka raft is an old Curtis Designs boat on juice, too).

Heading out shortly to paddle a BayLee 1 -- report to come.

Meanwhile there's been a bunch of packrafting going on with people all over the place:

Packrafters checking out a landslide on Caribou Creek, a landslide that dammed up the creek and shortened 30 foot "Skyscraper Falls" to Townhouse size. We didn't run the falls -- this time:

Next there's the Red Boat Brigade on Six Mile's three canyons, a personal favorite video of mine:

The East Fork of Chulitna from the fun-loving Fairbanks tribe of packrafters:

And finally, Forrest McCarthy posted his greatest hits vid for 2010 about the time we were just getting started up here in AK:


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