Monday, August 9, 2010

2006 Arctic 1000 Lists

In preparation for an upcoming 400 mile Brooks Range traverse with Andrew Skurka and Michael Brown I pulled up the old Arctic 1000 lists. Maybe you and I will both find them informative.....



and Birds seen


  1. Gold mine.

    At first I thought the food seemed like way too much, but comparing it to my own lists (8oz each breakfast and dinner, then 8 bar equivalents (ie 2 oz and 250 cals per)) I found that it made sense. Still a helluva lot of chocolate.

    If anything I'm impressed your metabolic rate didn't redline the last week and you eat even more (not that you had a choice).

    A very inspiring trip to look back on.

  2. And by too much (above), I of course meant too little. Duh.

  3. 12 pounds out of 45 total pounds was chocolate. That's more than 25% food by weight that was chocolate. I ate it all, except the pieces I shared with jason, who ran out as he brought maybe 5% of his food weight in chocolate.....


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