Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skurka Week

I'd intended to post something other than video on the time with Skurka and Mike Brown, but Skurka's beat me to it with his post at National Geographic Adventure.

Andrew offers up a day-by-day highlight list of our run through "Copper and Gold". He hit pretty much all the highlights, although I'd add some others like having him bust trail over Chitistone pass, post-holing above our inseams. The lack of bugs and the abundance of sunshine. The pleasure of doing a trip adventure race style (light, fast, diverse) but with plenty of sleep and no competition and with a one man media crew, as not as an interference, but as a congenial part of the team. I'd toss in the personal satisfaction of steering a double inflatable kayak (IK) backwards, forwards and sideways over rapids, through canyons, past icebergs and seals and a wolverine so that Mike Brown, who at 32 years old has already shot a half dozen assignments for NGS (if you have not seen his work and are into photography look here NOW).

In fact, that was the main highlight for me: sharing a wild time in wild country with two of the most accomplished young men out there exploring the world in an adventurous way: Andy Skurka and Mike Brown.

And yep, the drunken softball game in McCarthy was the highlight among highlights.

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