Saturday, July 25, 2009

Classic Gear List (Top Secret)

Resting Gear 1.7 lb

Soto “Micro-regulator Stove” 3 oz

[Fuel in can 6 oz] w/Forrest

Ti cook pot w/lid ¾ quart 3 oz

Sleep Gear: 1 lb 5 oz

Wool socks, light weight 2 oz

Wool bottoms, Patagonia "Wool 2" 6 oz

Hooded insulated jacket, Backpacking Light "Arctic 1000" 11 oz

Dry bag, P.O.E. 5 L 4 oz

Sat phone w/battery 0.6 lb

Travel kit: 8.6 lb

[not including ** items or Forrest’s group load]

Vintage, Cascade Designs Seal pack 21 oz

Vintage 2003 modified Alpacka inflation bag/stuff sack 2 oz

Custom two-person boat 84 oz

[Paddle blades 7 oz] w/Forrest

[Sawyer Paddle 28 oz] w/Forrest

Patagonia pullover shell (vintage 2006) 7 oz

Shell pants, Montane Pertex 4 oz

Smartwool "Hoody" 10 oz

needle, lighter, 2 batteries, memory card, thumb light 2 oz

compass 1 oz

camera Pentax Optio W60 w/gorillapod 6oz

Plastic TOPO 1:250k map from REI 1 oz

**Polyester pants, light colored, Patagonia 7 oz

**Wool short sleeve top, Patagonia "Wool 2" 4 oz

**Wool socks, light weight 3 oz

**Saloman “Speedcross 2” shoes 23 oz

**Trekking poles 8 oz

10.9 lb pound pack wearing short sleeve shirt, polyester pants w/capilene briefs with sticks in hand

Food w/packaging 6.9 lb

Almond butter in a cut-off Platypus 1 lb 5 oz

Mini cliff bars x 6 (6 oz)

Salty stuff in plastic bag: 2 lb 2 oz

Turkey jerky x 2 (3 oz total)

Beef jerky x 2 (3 oz total)

Teriyaki Beef jerky x 2 (3 oz total)

Doritos Cool Ranch (1 oz) X 5

Doritos Nacho Cheese (1 oz) X 5

Lays Classic Potato Chips (1 oz) X 5

Lays Barbeque Potato Chips (1 oz) X 4

Lays Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips (1 oz) X 2

1 Pringle mini can 1 oz

Sweet stuff: 3 lbs

500 g Cadbury Roast Almond (100 g bar) X 5

400 g Cadbury Milk Chocolate (100 g bar) X 4

300 g Cadbury Dark Chocolate (100 g bar) X 3

Hershey’s Nuggets 12 oz

Copenhagen snuff 1 oz

Total weight without ** items

18.5 lbs


  1. The 21 oz of almond butter and 1 oz of Cop. make an unruly pair.

  2. hummm a stove but no cookable food. interesting...

  3. Came back with all but a cadbury bar's smearing of almond butter, but an empty can of Cope.....

  4. and Forrest carried freeze-dry for dinner and coffee for breakfast, but we only used the stove to "Thai-style" start the fire.

  5. this is badass. thanks dude


  6. take note:
    no gps.

  7. confession: Forrest carried it and I'd beg him for distance to waypoints -- but this route is pretty straightforward, really.


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